Week 6 2024 I love Dogs !

I hope to be em (barking) on my freelance photography career soon and instead of specialising in certain areas, I hope to be a diverse photographer with a mix of clients in different fields. 

Sid is now 3 years old and has been a constant photo subject during that time. It has made me realise the joy of watching dogs enjoying themselves and then capturing that special moment that makes an owner say “WOW”. 

We took to the forest for a walk yesterday with Obie, a six year old Black Labrador; Bear, a 6 month old Rottweiler and Sid the 3 year old Fox Red Labrador. We let them play and I snapped away over 700 shots in the hope of capturing a few special moment. 

We bumped into a couple walking a spaniel and a terrier and I offered to take photos of their dogs as well. You can see these in the attached collection. 

Lots of practice needed so I will be looking for more dog pictures as Winter turns to Spring.

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